Barber Beard Oil 30 ml Sandalwood
Barber Beard Oil 30 ml Sandalwood

Barber Beard Oil 30 ml Sandalwood

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Marmara Barber Beard Oil is a unique formula and a mixture of natural oils.
Moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens your beard. Moisturizing ingredients help keep coarse hair clean and smooth. It makes your beard soft and touchable with its unique blend of natural oils that smell amazing.

While softening, repairing and moisturizing; Marmara Barber Beard Oil also supports healthy beard growth with the harmony of ingredients. It nourishes and moisturizes the beard, and also reduces itching and flaking in the beard. You can use Marmara Barber Beard Oil on all types of skin thanks to its smoother application. It helps add structure to keep your beard looking its best.

*30 ml

Promotes healthy beard growth
Nourishes and moisturizes hair
Reduces beard itching and flakes

Put 4-8 drops of Marmara Barber Beard Oil on your palm. Gently massage from under your chin and cheeks upwards. Then apply the residues directly to your mustache and beard. Remember to shake before use.

We have become the favorite of barbers and consumers by blending experience, quality and fashion under the name of Marmara Barber.