Barber Aqua Wax 150 ml Gum

Barber Aqua Wax 150 ml Gum

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Marmara Barber Waxes are designed to create the perfect style with the variety it offers in its holding power.

Waxes with strong hold are suitable for sharp styles. Waxes with low hold provide a softer and natural look.

Marmara Barber Aqua Wax is a re-applicable wax that provides volume, shine and strong grip compared to other waxes. If you want more voluminous hair and perfect hold, Marmara Barber Aqua Waxes series is for you. It provides high shine and control in every hair type.

It is easy to apply and gives volume and shape to the hair. Beside; With its water-based structure, it is easily cleaned from the hair and is effective even on the most stubborn hairs.

*150 ml

Kumquat, Blood Orange, Banana
Pineapple, Quince, Pear
Waffles, White Chocolate, Vanilla

Strong Grip
Easily Washed
High Gloss

The rich harmony of banana and citrus notes will make you feel brave and encourage, making you feel free and energetic. The dance of sweet fruits will almost take you to the pastry shop while transferring the dance to the bottom note. The top note of this fragrance, designed to attract attention and attract attention, is banana and Mediterranean citrus; middle notes are tropical pineapple, juicy pear and fruit quince; The base note leaves its place to sweet and appetizing chocolate and vanilla nuances. Reflecting the Mediterranean people, this scent will turn your head!

Rub between your palms, apply a small amount to damp or dry hair and style as desired.