Barber Cologne 50 ml No.6 Spray

Barber Cologne 50 ml No.6 Spray

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Barber Cologne is designed to change the aura right after shaving with its unique scents and skin refreshing formula. You will feel clean with its refreshing scent. The ingredients protect the skin from ailments and damage such as redness, acne, dryness, inflammation. In addition, Barber Cologne provides the moisture and revitalization that the skin needs. It is effective for a long time. High alcohol cleanses your skin.

* 50 ml

Orange Blossom,Lavender,Geranium
Tonka Bean,Vanilla,Ambergris


A unique and fresh fragrance. Provides a confident, passionate texture with the fresh start of lavender that coming from the fields.

 Barber Cologne perfectly soothes the skin after shaving. After cleansing the face with water, pour the Barber cologne on your hands and massage your skin gently.